Questions asked about our Ice Cream

Our ice cream is freshly made everyday to our 90 years old family recipe that we strongly adhere too, using the finest locally sourced DAIRY products to create our ONE flavour of homemade vanilla ice cream.

Yes Our Ice cream is pasteurised.
Our ice cream contains eggs BUT is Pasteurised.
Yes our ice cream is gluten free, but some cones/toppings may contain gluten.
Yes our ice cream is suitable for vegetarians.
Our ice cream is suitable for vegetarians.
Yes we get hundreds of pregnant woman craving our ice cream, its pasteurised so safe to eat.
May contain nuts due to the sprinkles being passed over the counter
Our ice cream is made with whole milk which lactose is found in, so it is NOT suitable for Lactose intolerant people.

Pasteurized means the ice cream has been heated to eradicate any possible germs, and makes the ice cream sterile and safe to consume. (The ice cream is boiled)