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Our History

Notarianni’s was set up in Blackpool at the end of a long journey. Luigi Notarianni was born into a large family in a small village in the south of Italy. At the beginning of the 20th century there was great poverty and a realisation that the locals would have to leave to make a living for the family. So like many Italians before, Luigi and his wife Messalina decided to follow other members of the family and immigrate to Scotland.

They first moved to Paisley near Glasgow where they worked to save enough money to open up their own ice cream parlour. They had two children and decided to move down to Blackpool to start up a business. They found a shop on Central Promenade where they quickly became popular with the locals and visitors alike making beautiful vanilla ice cream with all the usual sundaes and drinks.

They were doing so well that they decided to open up a second parlour on Waterloo road, circa 1937, (this is where the family still trade today). Then came the Second World War and Luigi was taken away along with a lot of UK Italians, and interned on the Isle of Man for the duration of the war. Messalina and her daughter couldn’t keep both shops running so eventually had to give up Central Prom and concentrate on Waterloo Road.

After the war had finished Luigi returned to help back in the 
business and his daughter married into another great Italian
 ice cream family based in Great Yarmouth.

The third and fourth generations of the family still run the business today at Waterloo road, thanks to a loyal following from locals and tourists who have returned generation after generation.

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